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I was never big on social media's idea of branding yourself,  seeing how big a media amplifier I could build, or win an internet popularity contest.  I would rather spend the time working on ideas, concepts and solutions to problems.- mark somple

WHO?  Take a nerd, combine that with a renaissance man, and insert a childlike heart that likes to solve problems.  Let him brainstorm and distill concepts and solutions in a skunkwork's environment.  Then take the solutions, prototypes, financial plans -reinforced with years of start up, entrepreneurial and international "experiential" value, into the real world. 

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WHAT interests me is how we can make a better life for people with either high-tech or no-tech solutions to problems.  From the simplicity of growing fresh food to provide food security to creating “smart” people, places and spaces that facilitate change.

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WHY?  Because if I can contribute or help anyone save time, money and sanity learning about the low points the process of innovation, ideas and invention can have, or help them keep their head attached should success come knocking at their door.  That is reason enough.

BACKSTORY – UBEME was an idea in the early 90’s when we had video conferencing reflectors and wanted to bring the Internet to educate school students.   UBEME was going to be a site where school kids could log in and pick from a variety of occupations where the professionals would be wired with cameras for a “day in the life” ability to tag along and experience various professions…this version of  UBEME is much simpler - the directions are posted below.

R&D WORK pages are some  of the main elements of where I spend my time.  Click on whatever image to get a brief snippet about it.  

BRAINSTORM CAFE is a place where i deposit thoughts - typo's and grammatical mistakes included at no charge.  Who knows what will come out -post brainstorm? 

There is also a SEARCH box at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE as well as the BRAINSTORM CAFE SIDEBAR.