transhumanist & miracle wine

I was about to post a comment to, zoltan istvan, author of the "transhumanist wager."  He is excited, and I am excited for him that his small vineyard in Argentina is harvesting grapes where he hopes to bring a small run of 5,000 bottles to market under the moniker, (drum roll)  “transhumanist wager.”

zoltan and many of the interesting minds I know believe in transhumanism and the coming of the singularity.   another brilliant mind in this area is ray kurzweil, who, I think google paid him oodles, and/or gave him the financing necessary to really go deep into what is possible for technology.  It is funny with nerd/geeks; it isn’t the money that necessarily motivates, but the availability,  capabilities, time and the tools to go create things in the lab space to take the idea from the mind to reality, that is most intriguing.

The irony to all this, is with our augmanity technologies, we want man to be a better man, not necessarily figure out better ways to become a superhero type character with the fundamental desire to operate out of fear, but rather love.  While exoskeletons, bionics, organ harvesting and chip implants are cool and have loads of possible uses -will it benefit humanity in the long term? Or just a few?

I digress, yet again – many of my friends are really smart scientists, many are agnostics or atheist, and yet, here I am on the other side of the spectrum, fascinated by science, but seeming to have faith, simply the belief in the unseen, that there is something more beyond the man made rules and legalism of religion, our known human senses.   Can technology help and make man’s world better? Absolutely.   But I keep going to the angle of “will it make human beings better?”    All one has to do is look back for the past several thousand years and the carnage man does to each other, isn’t something we can really say, “yeah, those were not some of mans’ better moments.  How can we change that?”

As with all development, the interesting areas with transhumanism will most likely be met by the masses with a mindset of a great Russian proverb that translates into “better is the evil twin of good enough.”

The spiritualist side will think they can hear clearly what the creator of the universe is saying, yet, in reality, he probably mumbles and speaks so quietly, that man can’t quiet himself enough to actually hear.

So we bumble along, each of us steeped in our belief systems, armed with the arguments, facts and data that fit our particular case.

That is why the idea of a bit of wine together is a good idea.  Technology is making our world more insular with like-minded people.  It isn’t doing as good a job as it can in making people of differing opinions come together.

I guess we have to let wine be that bridge? 

I just hope zoltan doesn’t kick me off the vineyard if i taste his wine and exclaim, “god, that is good!”

If that is the case, I will have to simply grow grapes inside the new lab space greenhouse where technically, grapes should not grow at all with the elevation and lack of humidity, then label the new wine, “miracle wine. – because there is no way in hell grapes should have grown here.”