happy easter - i blame this post on mom just joining facebook

I was walking down the middle of a shopping mall.  That visual in itself is enough to have me break out in hives looking for a gallon of benedryl to combat the allergic reaction.   today's mission was to take mom, get her a smart phone while ideally not having to use the cattle prod to gently nudge dad forward in the direction of  "change."   Mom was fun, like an excited girl eager to go to school and learn.  Dad reminded me of my old basset hound Emily on  a cold winter night when she was curled up in front of the fireplace and she knew she had to go outside in the doghouse for the night.    tis a fair analogy for the look on dad’s face when we started out the day.

Texts and calls were coming in from another to remain nameless country where no matter how much you play by the rules, someone will continue to invent rules as a way to get anything to happen.  The reality is that someone probably has their hand out and if you stuck some money in it, the need for the form would magically disappear,  but until that moment, “we need new and different form.”  I have a real problem with corruption on this planet.  

these moments all happened at the exact same time during the day.  weird.

Mom did get her phone, dad found that a smart phone was neat, and suddenly became interested, and i said a little prayer that the events in the un-named country would somehow get better.

As I walked down the corridor of the mall, music blared out each store's door.  the effect was to further annoy me as i was trying to escape, get to an exit, and leave the shopping mall - before  pent up stress, about nothing, got the better of me.

Then I saw a giant rabbit.    i kid you not, there was a giant rabbit walking in the mall.  if the last few days hadn't been so strange, i would have just ignored it, but i figured it was a weird sign from the creator of the universe.

I headed to the giant rabbit, “hi easter bunny, I am stressed.  would you mind if we took a different picture this year to help other stressed out people laugh?”

have a great holiday season.