pioneer, visionary, futurist, or just an idiot

probably the biggest frustration with what i do is having the ability or intuition to see things long before they are reality.  i don't need props, i can sit and stare at a wall and for some reason that is the gift where ideas swirl from all directions and i have this ability to take what is needed from unrelated ideas and make something happen.  

most of the time, you work alone, or in small teams, because finding a mass group of kindred thinkers isn't all that easy in the normal world.  i think people invent simply because they enjoy the process, much like a white hat hacker enjoys finding ways to make things better.

the problem is when you "see" what is possible and have a good idea of how to make it happen breaking it down to something simple to understand by anyone usually is a challenge.   einstein said if you could not explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough. according to this definition,  i must be a complete idiot.  

when i did athletics i found there are two types of athletes, ones with god given gifts that really can't explain how they do what they do - otherwise known as really great athletes.  and then there are the ones that could explain and understood everything very well.  these guys were not great players, but they usually made outstanding coaches.

today is interesting.  i go from hard core math and algorithm matrix's to brand and packaging for a friends luxury idea.   from a creative standpoint it is a bit of heaven on earth as i will do what i call ping-pong all day.   work on the one till the brain shuts down, switch to the unrelated one till that path shuts down and keep playing ping pong till my brains shuts down.

this process doesn't really get used much in corporate america, as the hierarchy wants people to just do the one niche in the bigger puzzle inside the box that has been set up.  i understand why, it keeps the big ship floating to get it's annual 8% gain.   but it will probably not allow for ideas to create new industries to come forth.  once you get down past the ceo, who is in charge of directing the company,  the idea of trying and realizing most new ideas will fail, is not a popular career move for many executives.  

perhaps that is why everyone simply tries to rename a term to sound different.   my favorite is "educator,"  they used to be called "teachers."    there is no higher compliment i can give someone than to call them a good teacher.    we don't need to reinvent buzzwords to describe something that was great to begin with, maybe the people that came up with educators were simply people that cold not teach?    i don't really know. 

what i do know coming back into the usa after a while abroad is america is getting further full of smoke and mirrors to make itself look better than it really is.   i guess that is why "make up" was invented?  (this a ramble...i am actually thinking of other ideas as i typed..who knows what it says...hit post)