self driving cars & bobbers

i really don't know why, but i have never had any fascination or interests in automobiles.   my idea of a car would be a prevost tour bus with two drivers and a full media/lab suite inside that would allow me to travel all over and work.   notice, i am not driving.   perhaps was when i lived in los angeles and did the calculations of how much time one spent in a car that i said, "imagine how you can use all that time to be productive."  

my old friend don, would commute monday through friday from redwood city to downtown san francisco.  it was an hour and a half each way.  i was in sausalito at the time, and to go to a meeting in silicon valley, you wasted a day of travel.   from that moment, i will do whatever i can to live/work in the same spot.   if you commute 3 hours a day, times 5 days a week, times 50 week = (drum roll) 450 hours of time.    if you figure a 40 hour work week, voila, almost 12 weeks of work time, just to get to work.

you can do a whole lot of brainstorming and fun work when you eliminate the commute.

lately, i have been thinking about self driving cars, as i would make them for uses probably not really thought about with the designs i have seen.  they would be movable rec or work spaces.  while i see great minds working on better infrastructure for people, i also see 75% of the worlds population moving to urban centers.   personally, i won't care, as the decision has been made to live off the grid on top of a rock in colorado and beam myself into the cities via some 3d voxel box projection unit.  but i don't see the commute times really decreasing, unless someone constructs a new city from scratch.   in most of the world, this is simply not feasable

so the driver-less car would be something i would like.   i could take the time being productive while most likely being stuck in traffic.   people ask me "would you fly in a pilot-less plane?" and i say, "today, yes, i would...they basically fly themselves anymore."

where does the bobber come into all this?  well, i have never owned a motorcycle, much less driven one, because i know myself too well and i would do something stupid and see what the limits of the machine were.  in this particular instance, i would be the loser.  since i like all my body parts attached and when i asked a doctor how he felt about "helmet vs. no helmet" laws a few years ago,  he replied, "it all depends on how you feel about organ donor tranplants."

but what has come out, while designing futuristic movable smart spaces of the driverless car, is a desire to build an old school bobber motorcycle.  simple, cool looking, retro, and unique -  i am not sure why.  perhaps it is just me thinking, "the new stuff is basically a computer...the old something simple that can be fixed by computer needed."

thankfully the tools for the lab are not near me, otherwise i would be making one right now.   some people don't look at how they spend time.  if i am going to waste mine, i want to be creating something fun.