why, and i don't know - are NOT dirty words

There is an interesting trend as you age; you sense the world conforming to more of a standard in what is normal in a place upon the planet.   The interesting thing is that on each place upon the planet, the “norm” might be drastically different based on religious, political, racial, economic or military power bases.   The one thing that is common is that despite the wide range of diversity upon the planet, each one thinks they seem to have the best or right way.

Maybe that is why I ask “why?” all the time, and unlike the model in American culture where if one says, “I don’t know” as some term of weakness.  I usually would always say, “I don’t know, but I will look it up and get back to you.”     There was further irony, as with live entertainment, there was a time sensitive and urgency to each show.   When we got into corporate America, the executives would all have their deadlines, but I was amazed how they always seemed to be moving targets – the polite way to say “new deadline” after you worked to the bone to meet what was suddenly just moved, or worse yet, when you put all the data and work together, you watched it sit in a pile, not moving, wondering “exactly, what was the reason for this?”

I realize our world likes structure, order, and things to remain the same.  Always changing takes lots of energy, work and practice to get good at something, and then the reality that you must constantly work to learn and adapt, doesn’t make one looking at the reality of the prospect as “fun!”    So we all go forth.  A large portion of the population just follows along, getting along and by in the path called life. 

Then there are a few, that for whatever reason, be it the curiosity of “why?” or severe brain damage – the status quo isn’t enough, one says, “I don’t know” and then goes out to seek the answer.