i don't have too many vices in life.  yet, there is one that has been with me since the earliest days, and that is the love of having a cup of coffee while seated with a sketchbook, some blank pages, pen and a bit of time to just forget what most of the world has made of its use of time - that being busy going round and round in circles is what many lives have become.

the love of coffee started in earnest when i had to work, and make a decision, do i go out and have fun with my friends and enjoy the things of the world? or do i save the money to buy the tools i needed to make the ideas that i had inside my head?  the reality of starting with nothing but a dream is that you will have moments of famine when the only fuel you have for your body is the dream and idea that you think can happen, yet, really don't have proof yet that it is possible until you put the prototype together, of which the catch 22 is you don't have the money to hire out people do make it for you.  so while  sketches are inexpensive,  idea's are cheap, but building reality tends to have a lot of changes, modifications and alterations to get to work like the initial sketch idea.   the say you can solve any idea with enough time or money, or one or more of the other.  all i had was the use of time on my side.

coffee became my friend,  i would work at mundane boring jobs to get a check to finance the tools.   my fun was the bottomless 50 cent cup of coffee at the local diner where the waitresses befriended, humored, or perhaps were rooting that one day all the time and work would pay off and i could escape what was already turning into a dying city of the industrialized northeast.

today,  my love for a cup of coffee has changed a bit, as i took the time, much like how i started saving money to buy tools, i could only afford the beans for one cup of extraordinary coffee's that i will taste, mainly to understand the complexity and amazing skills of the growers & roasters.

there have been periods of great feasts and probably more of great famines as one creates inventions in a world that only values new and different if you can create an IPO that generates great amounts of money with ROI for the original investors who took the risk - yet, i am not working on those ideas anymore - rather, things that can help people go from surviving to living, or with augmanity, the ability for us to see each other, as opposed to using technology for simply see what the other person is doing and hide behind a wall of secrets.  the fancy word for this is "strategic advantage."

the one constant - even after learning all the various audio/visual/animation/compositing/presentation/modeling/spreadsheet software and using the tools of the computer age for work.   it still seems to regress back to the core each day,  i have moved out of coffee shops, as they don't seem as interesting anymore with the people drinking it to catch a buzz versus find a space for community and creation, now, depending on the bean quality, i will hand grind the beans and use the pour-over to make as good a cup as i can, then go sit somewhere on the planet, open the sketch book, take out the pen and fight to turn off the noise of the world's business so that i can use the time for working on priorities that may one day become part of getting the world to stop for a moment and ask, "why am i wasting my time just being busy?"

the reality is that i don't think i will ever come up with a solution for that question - but i will have enjoyed a rich journey in trying.