easter @ 38,000 feet

My Easter morning is happening not standing in church from midnight till the early hours of the morning, but rather, I am at 38,000 feet watching the sun rising like a fiery orange ball above the horizon.  Below me a sea of clouds swill about, as if a giant sheet of cotton rolled out where the rays of the sun will soon shine upon them illuminating and warming the sky below me.     The ice upon the window scatters bright light, diffracting it's rays, keeping me from getting a clear image of the sun, which if I look at it, would blind me.

I have to wait for the sun to heat the ice on my window to get a clear shot to take an image of the clouds below.  There is just something about being on a plane in the evening, there is the peace of the skies, the hum of the turbine engines, and a great beauty in being able to enjoy the peace and solitude where no cell phones or distractions come, except the wayward bodily noises from another passenger.

This has been the hardest lent I can remember.  Not much went as planned.  The prayer, the fasting, the meditations seemed to have me backwards far more than forward in progress to change myself.   I guess while I think about all the people in my parent’s church, just getting past the part of the services where they announce that Christ has risen, I am met somewhere over the Atlantic with a blinding sun starting to illuminate the sky below me.

It has turned out to be a most special Easter this day.  In a sense it is like god is saying, “Hi, I thought I would show you something a bit different this Easter, I hope you enjoyed the show from sunset all the way to sunrise.  It’s Easter, no matter what happens down on earth today, just remember and know that “I am.”

The irony, I type those words and now we begin our descent. 

I guess that is how it works while we are all here on earth.  You get a taste, you know there is more, but you just have to wait until and keep walking with faith, the belief in the unseen, until he shows you a little bit more.

I think they call that the “I am.”