a fiji call center???

i was going through the options to actually get out of new york and head back to switzerland.  it is 11 pm and i called stumptown to please hold the coffee filters, i will have to jettison all my stuff to fit all the tools and gifts for my in-laws, and don't count on too many cards, as all the material i bought for making cards to send everyone - will be cut in half, at the minimum.    basically it is a goatf*ck where i have 45 kilos that have to fit in a 23 kilo bag.

the airline representative was really nice in realizing my frustration and went through the various flights to see which ones were full and which one were not so full.   the voice on the other end of the line spoke english with a charming accent.  it wasn't harsh, but rather soft and jovial, yet, i simply could not detect what origin the accent was.  this is odd, as i am usually pretty decent about what part of the planet someone comes from.

as we chatted back and forth ,  i kept hearing the transmission crosstalk and delays.   i kept being put on hold, which at 11 pm is not a problem, and there was some banter and/or security questions, "so why are you going from new york to zurich?"  i answered that i was visiting my parents, but i had to get back for easter to see my wife as that is the day we first met a few years ago, simply as friends.  as i type the words, i think back in amazement at what has transpired since that day and got a giggle that my wife has to be blind, there is no other explanation she is with me.  all i have is the inside joke of a bull named "fluffy" pointing me as a sign from above to a diner named "fluffy's."

"ma'am, i am guessing you are not in new york, are you in switzerland?"

"no sir, actually i am not...i am in fiji"

"HOW COOL! who on earth put a call center in fiji?  but...uhm...well, my wife is already upset i am not there, but if i don't get there for easter, on that special day....uhm... do you have any jobs? i might be having to move if the easter bunny doesn't deliver a chocolate egg."

copyright - images boomsbeat.com (i have no clue if he took it, but at 11:30 pm google is a great thing)

copyright - images boomsbeat.com (i have no clue if he took it, but at 11:30 pm google is a great thing)