narcissus algorithm

it is almost like the chicken and egg question.   with our digital connectivity, are we creating more efficient and effective algorithms to make our live's easier?  or, like television "programing"  are we just slowly being "programed" to think we are smart while collectively reducing IQ?    one friend mentioned with the current use of "selfies" and ease of transmitting such images up to a social media website for all to see, reminded him of the greek story of narcissus.   

i lamented that when the president of the united states started taking selfie's, he gave the country license to do the same.  the president certainly, has to realizes how much power his actions give to people that don't think much and simply follow?  it seems that to remain popular, the office of the president is trying to put out an image to the masses, while covering the reality that very few people actually have any access or influence to what goes on.  maybe it all is a big plan, "put of selfie's, mr president."   the country will think,  "is this democracy in action, or what!  i can do what the president does. look at me!"  it will create a better bond via relating and simply have the country uploading tons of selfies to create a smoke screen for what is really going on.  who knew narcissus could be so effective and dumbing down a society? 

i can see all the copies of the lab research on rats whose brains were wired and given pleasure stimuli doses who died.  why?  because they forgot to actually eat thier food, even though the food was right next to them.   that data will then vanish from digital existence under the guise of national security.

will it get so bad, that "smart" social network will broadcast how many times one takes a dump each day?  at what point does common sense come back into the equation and take back ground that the pursuit of dollars, euros, francs and yen seem to be the driver of many peoples lives.

it is interesting coming back to the state, where overall the noise and clutter of too many media outlets pushing out mediocre messages are struggling to compete and remain profitable at the expense of depth of content.   the algorithms for your browsing habits or scanning your free email are being tweaked to shove more advertising content down your throat.    my favorite is how the beautiful, happy twist of lifestyle advertising will load and play before you ever get to a news story about some tragedy in the world.   i wonder how many people actually do what i do.  click of the page and google the story to get news to read about it.   if you don't,  there is a horrific mental disconnect when you are expecting to see a story about (insert horrific event) and you are greeted by lovely music, with a couple in a perfectly lit romantic getaway expounding how perfect life is if you visit (insert locations)  and only get to media that is no longer presented as a way to present facts, ideally, sans as little bias as possible - but as a sound byte of sorts.

perhaps the media simply knows, that the real money is in getting the masses to look at themselves all the time and feel each individuals daily life is worthy of celebrating each minute detail and announce it to the world.    "took my fourth crap today!", " my bff and i are so drunk, lol! ",  "can't decide on wearing blue or pink? why is life so hard?"

perhaps a sound byte about nothing is really all that is left in a nation's bandwidth about self.

tommorrow - photoshop nation.