fMRI - childlike wonderment

i am trying to get everything done, work a new brand concept for a friend and then do it all while trying to get to a flight in new york city.   everyone appears to be in "rush" mode except me, as i know to really get the best out, i have to calm my mind down and just let the process happen.   while creating on deadline is somewhat effective,  it isn't the best way to come up with something really "new."

so i have been up doing what i do best, moving, pushing, pulling, twisting, turning, and i think the key to really new is you go past the normal 10-20 common ideas and keep bashing out 100 items.   somewhere past the 80th one, "new" ideas form.   while i realize this seems like common sense, many people stop after 2-3.  maybe inventor types are just brain damages sadists? 

i am smitten by a small child, i am guessing he is about 4-5 months old?  i really have no clue, but that is what i am going to peg him at.  he is at the stage where everything in his visual senses is being observed, looked at, and taken in.    while the normal human reaction is to want to pick the kid up and pinch his "pork roast" cheeks.   call me weird, i wish i had the portable fMRI that i could attach and see what was thinking.   i would call the session, "childlike wonderment" as this young mind is working hard to make sense of all he sees.

it amazes me that despite what i have done and seen in life and watched what people will do to each other for money - that i somehow am getting through my adulthood with my childhood still in tact.    i can still drop to the space to in the adult version, do what that little kid is doing - observing all around him.   as an adult, it leads to unrelated ideas forming in my mind and brainstorming bliss.   it is fairly simple, but creativity simply requires, time, space and the ability to play - just like a young child.

the same path appears to be a similar way to find spirituality beyond religion in life.   man likes to put up lots of rules and traditions to keep himself so busy that he never simply stops, sits, down and asks, "god, are you there?"  and waits long enough to realize that there is something there.    man likes to schedule deadlines, which are good for getting things done, but not really great for really growing. the later requires time.

as i think about all this, i am reminded about all the dumb things and decisions we all seem to make in our life paths where somehow we are taught we must be perfect or live up to an idea.   it leads to a lot of problems in life with people constantly covering up things and never letting things that aren't good see the light of day.   it is an area of research that keeps me driving to build the brain gizmo (that i can't talk about here)  but i am curious to see what the mind does when it takes the step to cross over any line to make a decision that we all know is not wise, yet, we will simply go and do.   call this the moment of insanity?  maybe tomorrow i will write about it.  now, i have to go work on someone brand and pray i get it done today....

typo's and bad grammar free of charge today!  the child is long gone, but his impact on my thoughts was a great gift.