stumptown coffee - thank you, emily miller

this mornings post about the "terms of sushi" eating agreement was me at the end of my wits trying to get everything in order to take back to switzerland.   there is a reason i love stumptown coffee roasters.  one is they sell amazing varieties and choices of beans.  the second is that years ago, it was in the portland tasting shop where my eyes, nose and mouth were opened to how interesting coffee can be.   call it an epiphany or damascus road coffee experience."  

my order for hario v60 02 coffee filters is not with me.  the vendor from ebay shipped them to my old address, sans the shipping one.  so someone in arizona is probably putting the filters on their dogs head to act as a sunshade while the ebay vendor must have lost internet connectivity or just is saying, "too bad, so sad"  aka "we don't care" in responding to emails about the problem.  i even wrote that i had a friend 10 minutes from them in palentine, il who offered to go to their shop and pick them up and mail them to me.  all i heard was the sound of chirping crickets.

with no time left, i searched for who sold the hario v60 filters saw stumptown had them on their website. i left a message on the machine and a young woman named emily called back.  i explained my situation, she said, "it is only one trains stop further to the shop that has the filters."   i replied, "can i leave my luggage at your shop?"

we chatted a bit, and she said, "let me call you back."

a few moments later, "mark, i will go down to the other shop and get your boxes of filters.  they will be here tonight, just come get them. but they will be $10 a box, is that ok?"

i think i was stunned after a few weeks of "this is the norm" for customer service inside the usa, my brains stopped thinking of who i have to call back again and again, to resolve issues.  i think i stomped my foot on the floor twice, as if a horse to signify "yes, the price is fine"

to emily miller of stumptown coffee.  thank you for your service.   i hope i get to meet you when i get in to pick up the filters.

now i have to go call a car rental company that has taken three weeks to get a refund for my brother in law from switzerland -  yes, the big rental company said they would be contacting me last thursday, that was after two weeks of being shoved around various departments...well, it is we go again...wait...let me take my dramamine for this call.