egg beater brains

trying with all my might to visit everyone, get this brand idea to a place where i can send it to those that requested it, pack all the stuff figure out when i leave, and yet work on myself with holy week in the orthodox church while making everyone happy.    if only the church had a wifi signal, i could sleep, pray, goto church and work - since there is no need to eat -perfect!   i am sure the priest would turn the wifi off during services - which there is a bunch in the next week.

but alas, i am trying to make everyone happy, which is a loosing proposition, as each person can only find happiness inside of one's heart themselves.  yet, we live in a world of externals and people think actions that make another happy is "happiness."   thus, the inside of my brains feel as if i have one of those egg beaters or pain stirrers attached to the end of a drill spinning at high speed and i will simply upset people for reasons beyond my logic and inside their emotions.

it is not all a wash,  as the cutest thing of the day was watching a pregnant momma rabbit in my parents backyard,  making a nest to have little ones. 

pretty neat, considering passover and easter is almost here - oddly the east and western church agree'd on the same date this year.   maybe i can get a stay of execution for the bunnies?  a divine safe haven with the understanding they don't eat any flower bulbs or herbs?