illogical looping - man's hope for AI

I don’t fear robots, just how AI will be coded by man

The ability for a computer to teach itself, or other computers/machines to do things will be here in the next 30-60 years.  I don’t fear technology and what it can do, I actually embrace it. the idea of having machines/bots taking away the mundane tasks that seem to suck up time getting people to scurry about with obligations,  giving man more free time to learn, grow, create and evolve himself with priorities is a wonderful ideal.   my eternal optimism has me rooting that man will evolve thinking sitting all day in front of a screen, watching, and being programmed that  (insert your choice of entertainment, sport, or vice) 24/7 is not a wise choice for a priority.

the reality of where will this transhuman age will go is anyone’s guess, but based on history of man over several thousand years, the new frontier will be he who controls the information and data – sans a giant solar flare or wayward emp device from man

The good news is that in a few weeks, I have finally gotten through to a department to resolve an issue with my brother in laws fender bender he had with a rental car when he vacationed here.   Despite having full insurance coverage on the rental agreement, the Daytona police still wrote a ticket for non –valid insurance (perhaps they could not understand the swiss insurance card he had in his possession that said, "hey, this is valid too!")    part of my time here has been chasing down a fee I paid with my card in Switzerland, as for whatever reason, the florida computer did not recognize his  swiss card.  While odd, it does not surprise me. I can’t get a bank account in Switzerland, because the swiss banks want little to do with Americans anymore.

I digress again.  today I was pleased to get actual voices on the phone, and I must say, they were all very nice and professional customer service people,  we had lisa, tammy, marie, Kathy, and a few I just could not understand their names, but I went through three or four locations and about four departments of one very large rental company.

When I mentioned to Kathy, “I should have taken Dramamine this morning before making this call and being twisted and turned through so many numbers and locations.”   She took compassion upon me, took my number and will try to figure out who and at what location they will call me back to find out whose credit card they can credit.

Thus – my conclusion about artificial intelligence wiping out man has one variant that can screw up anything simple and make systems so complicated that only an illogical human will be able to figure out the right solution.  yes, man himself!   All the machines will hopefully get lost in what I dub the “illogical looping” and come to the conclusion that whoever coded the original software was an idiot, rendering even the worlds most powerful supercomputers powerless to understand man's "issues." 

My real concern is for when machines are smart enough and can think out of the box.  At that moment, I will worry that the machines will look at the foolishness of man and how he treats his fellow man and activate skynet.   the danger will be that there is  no back door a human can enter to stop the madness.   thankfully, i will be worm food by then.

now i take some Dramamine in anticipation of the large rental company calling me back and i get to replay the same dance of everyone blaming everyone else, yet, no one actually taking accountability for anything. perhaps that is just wishful thinking?  tune in tomorrow for internet weather report "craigslist" social barometer of change post. 

we can also take bets on how long i can hold my breath before i turn deep purple waiting for the call backs too.  i forget that i am back in the usa.