robots in your future *

a friend posted an article about the use of robots in the future of entertainment.   they were talking about film and television where using EEG would help them make better shows.  part of me had to laugh, because once you really realize what you are doing via manipulating various senses, you realize you are manipulating that person.  

the timing of this blog post is uncanny.  i have just dusted off some of the tech cave audio and visual sets to let people know i am dumb enough to spend years working on an idea for no money because what the potential solutions are, may change how we live, work,  and play.

augmanity is a moniker i will use.  it has stuck.  instead of the masses all shoving technology down consumers throats and telling them they need to track each bowel movement, burp, or egress of methane from thy derriere,  we will work on ****************************************************.   that way, whatever ******************************************************** as pleasurable as possible.