ipod, iphone, ipad, - iworry

re-living childhood memories by shoveling wet, heavy, slushy snow does give way to another brainstorm technique.  that being the, "this sucks, let's think about something else until this long driveway is clean."  so,i thought about the globe and what the main players of communication and control of information were moving into with the non developed areas of the globe - highlighted by the sad incident of the malaysian air mystery where someone is holding back information to not tip just how good ones intelligence gathering tools are, or, "woah, there is a big hole in what we thought we could monitor."   this allows traction for other companies like google balloon, and now the (insert tech company name) drones to bring up what i call "nomad networks" that will one day cover the globe. 

who knew watching a bunch of geeks dropping hallucinogenic substances at burning man would lead to such altruistic ideas?  while it is great news for our plans with agrowvillages and how we will link everyone and share data to allow for smarter food security,  it doesn't bode well in the short term for mankind becoming more altruistic and kind to those outside ones known world.  the geeks don't really care about everyone else using the nomad network, they just want to "play" with their toys on a bigger playground.

while i have used apple products since i am guessing 1989? and i only once bought pc's in the mid 1990's when apple almost went under to hedge my ability to work, when the ipod came out, i did mention to others that the "i"worry that one day this would be the phone, the monitoring device, and that while it was great for the individual, it would make society more distant from each other.  when jobs brought out the "i"phone,  the "i"pad,  i had mixed feelings.   one part of me just wanted high performance intuitive ability to work with a machine where i didn't have to wait for a render.   the other part of me thought, wow, great, it is small, great for simple things...and the last has me watching people in cafes and interacting in public spaces.  i am starting to think people are starting to believe how important they are. 

the next 30 years is going to be interesting because mankind will have to make a choice with how he treats his fellow man on a global scale.    the population is going to increase, resources will remain what they are, and while we are working hard to develop new technologies and techniques to work towards allowing a better distribution system so that there is enough for all.   what it won't do is solve the problems of what caused the issues in the first place.  usually those nasty elements of greed, pride and ego.  the "i worked hard, i deserve more stuff" mentality that american capitalism is founded upon.    

as the ability to make money happens with trading papers and information, and the erosion of making something tangible to back up the paper - well, it is much like what was the gold and silver standard of currency that is an old school principal of the past, when we keep going to depending and allowing marketing algorithms for  "i"devices in our lives, we will get more selfish as a society.  the difference is that each person will appear to think and feel unselfish because the ability to link to others just like oneself has been made easier, thanks to social marketing, i mean, media.

how much time will we spend with just ourselves, sans electronic devices, or with another human being, face to face - talking, sans electronic devices will be the big question for the future not only to the quality of each individual's life, but societies at large.

*this post is just me rambling with cold hands. typos and thoughts scrambled via decreased body temperature.  i now rest my case...i get an email from the romanian green building council. "we bought a drone to show (not build?) the best places."  go social media!  publish, don't do! iworry :o)