interesting times *

as an inventor/creative, i don't think i really do any of this because of the money - truth is, if you self fund, you will loose a lot of money just keeping tools and prototypes up to speed.  i never understood why i would ask someone for money to try something unless i had my own skin in the game.  to me, that made sense.  in entertainment, you have the term OPM - others people money that probably is a bit why the world is the way it is today.  the hedge funds are not really keen on actually making anything but realizing signifigant ROI based on paper.  USA manufacturing will soon be some really spiffy robotic assembly lines whose workers simply require some tune up and no sleep, this is a far cry from the hassles of unions and the demands of the workers.  another area is the how and where does the government fit into all this.  the best advanced research is fueled by the govt - maybe only god actually knows what is being worked on?  while i wish it was for peace, it appears it really is more for weapons and alleviating losses on one side of the battlefield.   do we really want to know what is actually in the labs?