blacktop, geek glasses, and chinese birthday buffet

the next few days i am going to go deeply into putting all the thoughts that came out on the plane with augmanity into a form that can be understood.  today there is  clarity and purpose that was missing in what the products really do and will evolve to in the future.    part of me gets really excited at how technology can help mankind, another part of me sees the opposite side of where man will use technology to control and keep people in fear.   the later version is not something i really wish to be part of.

as i type, i still don't know why i love brainstorming on planes, it is much like praying on a plane,  it appears to be one of the last bastions of silence where people usually sit in quiet and you hear the hum of the turbine engines.  long haul flights are my favorite. for the short haul, give me a train any day.

this morning, i ran down to the home improvements store to get some patch for my folks driveway.  dad was worried about rain coming and sink holes.  so i had to fib to him as to why i was leaving so early.  my plan to just sneak out in the dawn was foiled, because he gets up too early.  so that is fixed for now, he is relieved, and that leaves me time to think about what to eat at what will be my birthday meal of a chinese all you can eat lunch buffet.  simple pleasures, big smiles

i am getting older, yesterday the eye doctor smiled as tested my eyes and kept saying "don't talk" while we had interesting conversations about the world, foreign policy, life in europe and other questions.   dr rubin is an interesting man with strong opinions and convictions, i smiled when he basically said, "your stigmatism did good for your age mark, usually this happens at a much younger age.   where do you want the reading glasses, i mean, computer glass distance to be focused?"

i am trying to find a 3d hub around here so i can design and make my own "computer" glasses.   i am thinking hanson brothers "slapshot"  retro look.  or those old school 1960's army nerd type glasses.   ideas? thoughts from the readers?   should i get out dads slide rule and really turn on my honey when she sees me. "wow, you are such a hot nerd...a body and brains!  the slide rule and glasses make you look like the female version of the naughty librarian...the nerdy athlete! purr!"