when lightning strikes

yesterday was a big train wreck for most of the meditation and brainstorm.   there are just some days when you can't bring yourself down to the place where the noise of self and the world and the ability to still yourself, focus, and yet not get attached to everything swirling around you happens.  i call this the perfect space for innovation and idea generation working with open brain thinking.

most of the time, our worlds obligations and the time pressure to be busy has us living in productivity by living in closed brain thinking.  it is the world of the linear, some call them lists where a progression from point a to b gets worked out.   accountants love this type of thinking.  i appear to be allergic and break out in hives if i am in this place for too long.

aha or eureka moments are rare.  i calculate that working 365 days a year with the discipline of brainstorming, you might have 2-4 of these moments each year.

when lightning strikes, you have a bit of time where you "see" differently.

i wish i understood the how, why, when, where and what was needed to speed up this type of idea or thought generation.  i have spent about 25 years trying and guinea pigging various techniques and uses of technology, but the only answer i have is that if you are consistent and disciplined, you will have these moments.

i am excited today, as all the years of working with the live shows, smart spaces/homes, and lately, for the first time in my life i am actually looking at vehicles with interests - the driverless transport space.  i always wanted a tour bus that was tricked out as a design studio that one could just go in, have two drivers and head out anywhere to work.   in a small sense, the future of time wasting in traffic can be more enjoyable with these vehicles as humanity seems to be on the trajectory where most people will live in urban environments in just a few years.

but that is not why the lightning struck.  what happened was that while thinking about solutions for various elements of projects we are working on,  i explained the problem with smart spaces and the advances in technology with our current paths.  then, the lightning hit inside my brain.

sorry, i can't really talk about the idea or solutions...i really want to...but i know better and am trying to line up meetings with people i can trust in similar work.   so instead , i hope lighting strikes your day in a great way today.