pt barnum marketing

i think it was henry ford , " knew half of every dollar he spent on advertising was wasted, he just didn't know which half. "   i always attributed the quote to pt barnum, because it seems more believable coming from him. 

they say being intelligent is being able to explain any idea to anyone in simple terms.   maybe i have been in business too long? i hear much of what is twitted, tweeted or twatted with  trendy buzzwords & adjectives spewed out of  animated talking heads with smart weapon precision, yet, when i look into their eyes, why does my  bullshit alarm go off?    that is when my ass muscles pucker and my brain  thinks,  "this really is great , but "how" one is going to actually accomplish it?  who is actually going to get their hands dirty? and who is going to pay for it?" 

please don't misconstrue that i don't appreciate creative writing,  showmanship and great presentations skills.  i find those talents are  ones which elude me.   words really made the most sense when i was in nashville and got to watch some songwriters work writing songs about events in life.   these were not the  nash-vegas marketing hooks that all pretty much sound the same and require the IQ of a block of wood to comprehend, that probably will sell a few million downloads.    the old school nashville ( i really don't like country music)  attempt to write a good song, no words wasted, having a  story unfold where the listener can take a vicarious journey.   it is unlike you having to read my unedited thoughts,  and make sense of them here.

i digress.  my day will be spent distilling down high-tech and no-tech with its implications on one element - people.  i know one question in the next few weeks will be, "this is great, what is the one part of the problem you can't solve."   i will look at the one solution we are presenting and say, "i can give the people a way to food security, i can give them shelter, clean water, and an infrastructure to create within.   we are even working on bringing an education program up to speed for them to grow and learn."

the other project, "we can bring technology and wrap it all around busy people who are in the developed world, in an ambient way to make many functions of their lives easier, more convenient, and we can go beyond quantifying big data results to qualify what is meaningful to ones life"

however, with both solutions, what we can't do, is change people.  i don't have, nor do i want to have a solution for that.

people have to want to change themselves.  call it free will, a choice.

which part of our budget will be wasted because some people don't ever want to change is sort of my pt barnum question for today.