part three - spirituality

If science is belief based upon a progression of logic that at is at the time assumed to be fact, if  religion is based upon faith, which is the belief in the unseen, then what is spirituality?

Is it consciousness? Life?  Some ether in the universe that is or is not real?  Does it exist externally? internally? both?  does it reside  inside each and every living being? or is it made up by man?

I don’t know what it is.   I just know that there is something there.

we all get choice to choice to seek it beyond the words in the books.    Much like the physicists search for the god particle, spirituality can’t really be seen, yet, if you are lucky, you will be able to look into someone’s eyes that has spent their life seeking and see “it” burning inside their heart and soul.   you can also see it in the actions of others to their fellow man.  a love that goes beyond normal romantic love most of us are content with.  Religion is great at giving some rules, but walking out the path to live in the spirit-  not so easy.

current day science is giving us some fascinating looks at what happens inside our minds with fMRI Yet.  We are still fairly clueless how the limbic system actually works.  What are near death experiences?  Simple oxygen depletion of tissue? Or is there a soul inside each body?   no one has come back from beyond death and said, “oh yeah, its is beyond anything you have here”  Or, “sorry, there is actually nothing there, live it up!”

Walking beyond the words of religion, much like actually conducting scientific experiments in spirituality will lead you to a place where you get a moment or a taste of “it.”   As humans, we tend to use our senses and emotions to rationalize what is real; yet, spirituality goes beyond the human emotions.  “it” appears to happen as dispassion, beyond our emotions and senses.

How does one get there?  I wish I had a nice simple road map, but I don’t.   Meditation and prayer, discipline, and waiting seem to be the main ingredients.  The hardest part is emptying your self and your heart to make room for healing and something new as you make time to stop your old life and really look inside and see the good, bad, and the ugly.    it seems to be a daily process, more akin to running a life long marathon than any sprint.

If you always lived you’re life doing good and were proper, congratulations!  The process might be easier?   However, I don’t know if the meaning is as deep or rich as someone took the  doubting Thomas,  prodigal son,  Damascus road  experience train before waking up, or is it having the creator of the universe send an angel with a baseball bat to hit you in the head and say,  “yo, yes, you - mr. super-genius in your own mind, yes you, DON’T do that, ok?  I have bigger bats,  you don’t have a thicker skull to handle it."

If you are in the later category, you also get to learn discernment and ask, “is this me? Something else that is not good trying to keep me from changing, or is it something good saying, “this is the path.”  That is part of the problem.  we are all imperfect; yet, the world tends to make us think  and believe we are probably better than we are and that we can be and have it all.    from the spiritual sense, having it all, might look very different than what the world and marketing messages tell you it is. discernment seems to have one going on a path and realizing most of what we think we hear, is probably just ourselves talking.   sitting, waiting and listening, shut up all the noise of self and the world is hard and probably unpopular instant gratification society with the attention span of a gnat

I was fortunate to find what I had been reading about inside all the holy books in the middle of the desert in a group of men that pray all the time.  I can look  in some  of their  eyes and inexplicably, tears will start falling from my face while we chat about life.   I never experienced such goodness and love radiating out from a human heart before.  I knew it was possible, but here were people living it.

“What is your job?” 

“We pray for the world.”

When we get sick we go to a doctor, when we have a terrible accident, we go to a hospital trauma room.   Any human being living life on this planet will go through a myriad of experiences between good, evil and the consequences of stupid or bad choices that will bring harm to the heart and soul.  Where and what do most people do to heal that?  Climb inside a bottle?  Get another pizza? Turn that TV dial?  How many say, “god, please help."  how many of us actually let go of the steering wheel?

I never thought there were surgeons for the soul before. today,  I am thankful they exist. 

Some day, I do believe that if man doesn’t destroy himself first, there will come a time when scientists do find the so called god particle.   I am not sure if it is simply some positively charged element; call it the love glue of the universe that resided beyond the dimensions our human eyes can see.  Is it the essence of the most potent love you have ever felt in your life amplified by a billion or trillion?   I just don’t know.

what i am aware of is that one of the most brilliant elements in the design of the universe, is that of choice and free will.   We get to choose what to love or not love.   We can choose between loving ourselves or something else.  We can choose to love the world, or something not of this world.   We can choose to be selfish, or altruistic.   it is  an amazing gift of freedom.  without the choice to choose, it really isn’t love.

While I go on my path and try to navigate life in a world that gets filled more with data, information, technology and gizmos designed to make our lives easier and more convenient.  I am seeing humanity seeming to step backward and while social media and the ability to connect with anything and anyone is as simple as pushing a like button.   Is there really much to that connection in depth and substance?

one of my favorite examples about spirituality  that makes the most sense to me when presented by a young boy talking to his grandfather.    I wonder if spirituality has to be walked out, lived, and experienced before we know if it really exists? 

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