science, religion & spirituality

I was sitting in church yesterday trying to make some progress in understanding german.  the priest was giving a sermon, yet, I felt like an idiot.  I could only hunt and peck a bunch of words, the meaning of the actual sentence was lost upon me.    frustrated, I started to just pray, and the yesterdays article about the stars in the universe vs. the grains of sand in the ocean seemed to come forth to occupy my mind.     thoughts of how different everyone on our planet is as well as what we fundamentally do or don’t believe.    My friends are comprised of a wide swath of types of people from atheists that believe with the same fierce conviction as some of my more “super spiritual” Christian friends – everyone will argue what they believe is the truth.

As I thought, or perhaps, make that “attempted” to grasp the size of the known universe and then get a few words of german in while the catholic priest smiled at me while my mind went down into the subatomic level where I thought about the grains of sand in the beaches, to the amount of atoms in just one grain of sand.  (pretty cool mind melt image huh?)  I had a strange moment of clarity between science, religion and then spirituality.

My writing skills are not  at a level that can take a few words, waste none, and bring eloquence and great meaning to them.   Instead, I will have to break apart this idea into a week of posts.   

As we enter a most interesting time on our planet, I find myself working on two main ideas – the first is to try to help people become self sufficient and/or minimize the effect of human greed, corruption and control with elements of society that want to keep people dumbed down.   This phenomenon is easily observed in most 3rd world countries where a few crumbs from the super wealthy keeps the huddled masses ignorant into thinking they are being treated well.

The flip side of the coin is in our developed nations where with advances in nano and computer technologies we are upon some amazing tools to help benefit humanity.  The problem I have is that many ideas are one trick ponies, or they affect one thing while forgetting about the other 100 elements they impact.  The developed world will use the acquisition of stuff and money as the prize.  Sadly -fear, paranoia, distrust, greed and the desire for more power will have the tools probably being used in new ways  for manipulation and control of ones fellow man – usually for the gain of a few groups agendas.  This time, I fear it will be ambient in nature – people won’t even know.   i love my home country of the united states, but this is what i am seeing unfold more each day.

this week, I will ramble on about science, religion and spirituality – the contradictions and odd similarities in each. We live in on an amazing planet.   Man is an amazing toolmaker.  I just don’t understand why we can’t figure out how not to keep hurting each other.