more stars, grains of sands? what about atoms?

i have been struggling with meditation and prayer the past few days.  it is a normal phenomenon where one has to fight through the clutter of the mind and heart to get to that place of peace.   that space where the world is happening all around you, yet, you are not attached to any of it.   today, as well as the last few days, this  it is not happening...just keep the discipline and wait.   my scientific friends always ask, "you are a nerd, yet you believe in god?"  

i could bore you with the real life moments and experiences on the path of life -  call it the heaven and hell tour.   i seem to prefer roller coaster versus a flat-line journey called life to teach me lessons, both good and bad.     my sense of wonderment in science and spiritualism comes from laying on my back and looking up at the night sky in a space on the planet where man made light is minimal.    the majesty and beauty of the night  sky makes me blurt out "oh my god!" and i marvel at the sky.  i always love seeing shooting stars, as in a strange way, i imagine the creator of the universe is taking some time to humor me and say, "watch this! pretty cool!" 

the posted url is the article i read after my morning meditation.  the authors desire to take out his slide rule and ask, "stars or grains of sands?" made me smile while i try to ponder  the immensity of scale from how big our universe is, to how small it all is .

the amount of atoms in a grain of sand calculation had me we sit, the human race, on one little blue marble called earth.  i don't know why man thinks he is so special.  i guess it is perspective...are you looking at it all from the universal level? or are you an atom in a grain of sand looking up at a man?