blank mind brainstorm

after a few days of working in thoughts/ideas from morning to evening, i find my brain is shutting down.  the morning meditation and prayer went really well, but now i sit here with a cafe in a calm, peaceful state.   in the past, i would try to force something to come out, but over the years, i have learned to just still myself, get very quiet, and wait.   yes, just wait.

what am i waiting for?   for that still voice inside to start the process rolling again.   it is like putting more wood on coals in a fire that appear to have gone out, but you know they still are warm.    better ideas that mean something will come from this state than a hyper-caffeinated sugar soda (today they call them energy drinks) induced mind that seems to go into that infamous redneck famous last words of, "hey ya'll, watch this!"    furiously scribbling ideas into the sketchbooks, you can create a bad idea,  yet, no matter how much make-up you put on it - is still a bad idea.

stillness and quiet are something i see diluting in the west.   i see it eroding  in the east as emerging economies and capitalism's  marketing machines message for the life of "stuff" and externals overtakes the balance of what is inside each to become more of a giant grab for fame/fortune and stuff you can't take with you.

time and time i have watched people, myself included get sucked right into it.   call it youth, ignorance, perhaps to much ego and pride - aka - selfishness?

you only realize this shift when you take the time to get out of it your norm, sit for a moment and find that stillness and peace.   some call it meditation, others call it prayer.   medical doctors with functional MRI will call it using a part of the brain that will lead you to be less selfish and more altruistic.

the real battle is what is happening inside your heart and soul to change who you are and improve.   but that is a battle too many are far too busy running around on life's treadmill to even see. 

how do you learn to focus your creativity beyond self, to ideas bigger than you...get very still.   don't be scared for what you will find there - we all have it - no one is perfect.  what we all do have is the choice of how we wish to use it.