where is common sense in today's instant gratification media?

one of the ideas i am working on is trying to understand human behavior and how singular and group swarms act and react based on logic and emotion.    maybe i am missing the point of the trajectory of the media in the west.  in the usa, i lament that photojournalism is probably dead and it is being replaced by perky smiling heads being told in their monitors to animate their arms, show more leg and look more (insert emotion)  when asking someone that just witnessed a horrific incident  (because news stories that are in the freaky area beyond "normal" are what sell!)     

"how do you feel after seeing (insert some graphic or horrific event)"

cut to "experts" on the phone or in the studio explaining every possible scenario that "could" or "might" have happened.   god forbid one waits a bit and allows people to do their jobs and find out what actually did happen, instead people are all too  happy playing the face-time for the cameras game and everyone remotely associated with the topic who did not get camera time makes sure to  tweet their twit's about the topic.  

all it reminds me of is monty pythons "twit of the year" sketch, the difference being that the sketch was intended to be "comedy" not operate in real time as one.

while social media does allow each person armed with a cell phone camera the ability to be a reporter,  perhaps we should require a license, much like a gun safety training, in how to shoot a fair (not even good) image?   should we require a limit on amounts of images and tweets one can send  out in a day? 

has the junk food mentality permeated culture so much that quantity trumps any sort of quality and the media is bent more on reporting whatever trend is happening than what might actually be news? 

is it just me?  am i a twit?   does anyone else hear he song of manipulation of illusion being played out on an old honky tonk piano while the piano player sings, "whatever happened to common sense?"