reading about a $10 cup of nyc coffee and...

i am not sure if it is because there has been a shift in what is a coffee shop is in america, morphing from creative spaces and salon’s, turning into a room filled with a bunch of tables, each with only one chair, with one person at it - everyone typing into their mobile, ignoring people right next to them…


in the past 10 years I have became a coffee snob,  a real dickhead with beans and flavor?  or I am just a slow learner with arrested development and failed to grasp the wisdom of the lighting crew from the george lucas show in japan who either had empathy. or wanted to see my head explode with the financial mess that was that show.  “Want a cappuccino?”  I stood amazed as troy opened a road case and had a complete café inside.  It was like finding the holy grail.  Then again, I was actually talking to two tigers everyday because the sales were so bad, so I guess pity is an option for the road case café?

the rest of the transformation, I blame on my friend in Portland for treating me to a tasting at the stumptown tasting room for helping with her house.  I still remember this $5 cup of Panamanian coffee - you could taste the mango fruit in the coffee that grew next to the coffee plant.    Something must have registered in my noggin; I realized the answer was self-brew.  It was less expensive to make your own great coffee than drinking mediocre ones.

Today, the most creative spot is wherever I am.   Is this because my brain damage is worse, or I have refined the ability to focus and think anywhere?    I simply could have gotten older, found myself sitting on the massive granite outcrop that will be one day be the lab when the sun crested over the mountain at 5am.   It was like the creator of the universe was saying, "good morning, take out that grinder, heat up some water and make some time for a coffee and brainstorm with me."

“you should build the lab here. this is the spot."

while the logistics of all that is being worked out, just take my road case cafe, everywhere i  go.