swiss cheese *

i really never wanted to put a website up, much less blog.   if i did that, i would try to write things to a few people i liked and send it via email.   the reality is much of the internet transmission today is simply people retransmitting things they saw.   i think the internet is a great amplifier of things, but i get a bit sad that with the tool-sets that a computer has today, more people aren't really being as create as they probably could.  for that, one needs to unplug and go old school with a sketchbook and a pen or pencil.  

i really have to say that living in switzerland is much like when i was a kid.  people actually care about family, are polite and courteous, and i think this website went up because while in america, usually that first question is, "what do you do?"  and here it comes much later.  no one really cares what you do, but rather what do you value in life.   when we did get to the "what do you do" question, i am not sure if it the language issue for me,  my current pathetic high german, or even more pathetic swiss german that caused confusion.  so i put the site up as a way to give a sampling for others to be able to follow.

maybe i will simply publish in silence.  i am not big on social media.   while i see its good points, i also seem to see a trend where people are getting less personal and a tad more selfish as technology progresses.   that is why augmanity is simply using technology, ideally in an ambient way , to make our time on the planet a better balance between humans and the devices we create.  the irony is i started making cards out of my pictures and mailing personal letters to people seems a bit funny in today's text society.